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Corporate Information

Company Name
Kaga Sangyo Co., Ltd.
President Osamu Mizoguchi
Location of Head Office
Tousen Bldg. 2F 4-2-40,Ohsu,Naka-ku,Nagoya-shi,Aichi 460-0011 JAPAN
September 11, 1973
10 million yen
End of Fiscal Year
Contents of Business

KAGA Sangyo is the manufacturing company to build mainly aerospace component.
Manufacture and sales of products and components for aerospace apparatus
Manufacture and sales of products and components for construction and industrial machinery
Our Helmet is passed the Japanese national safety standard test.
Manufacture and sales of hard hats Specified worker dispatch business

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Kaga Works Co., Ltd.
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Main banks
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Kamimaezu Branch
Resona Bank, Akamondori Branch
Aichi Bank, Ltd., Osu Branch
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Ltd., Nagoya Branch


1973 Sep

Kaga Sangyo Co., Ltd. established. Yasuharu Mizoguchi inaugurated as president

Hard Hat business commenced

1975 Sep

Aerospace apparatus components business commenced

1977 July

The first time of acquisition in Japan for Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Hygiene test as ABS resins helmet

2001 Nov

Gifu office established

2002 Nov

JISQ9001:2000 certification acquired at the helmet manufacturing facility.

2004 June

JISQ14001:2004 certification acquired at the helmet manufacturing facility.

2006 Aug

Kaga office established. Construction machinery business commenced


Osamu Mizoguchi inaugurated as president

2010 Apr

Yokohama office established


KAGA SANGYO CO.,LTD. Hard Hat Sales Department

1-1314, Shimada, Tenpaku-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 468-0056 JAPAN

Tel : +81-52-801-1181

Fax : +81-52-801-1182

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