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Privacy Policy

Kaga Sangyo Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "Kaga Sangyo") considers the appropriate handling and suitable protection of stakeholder personal information in all business activities such as that of customers to be the duty of a company.
For this reason, Kaga Sangyo has established a "privacy policy" as follows, and we endeavor to protect personal information.

1. Definition of the purpose of use

Kaga Sangyo defines the purpose of use prior to acquiring personal information, and makes use the information solely for the achievement of that purpose. Kaga Sangyo will not provide or disclose information beyond the scope notified in advance under any circumstances. In the event of using outsourced parties, Kaga Sangyo will enforce the same obligation on the outsourced company in relation to compliance with the privacy policy and will carry out appropriate supervision.

2. Limitation on the purpose of use

Kaga Sangyo uses personal information acquired within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use. The consent of the person concerned will be acquired in advance from the provider of the information in the case of usage exceeding the original scope of use.

3. Safety management system

Kaga Sangyo has constructed and conducts appropriate reviews of the system necessary for the safe management of personal information in order to prevent leakage or loss etc. In addition, a manager supervises the employees and outsourcers that handle personal information.

4. Provision to third parties

Kaga Sangyo will acquire the consent of the customers themselves in advance in the event of providing personal information to a third party. However, this will not apply in the following instances.

  • When provision is required by law, and when provision of information is necessary in order to safeguard name, personal safety or property.
  • When consigning the handling of personal information within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use.
  • In the case personal information is provided subsequent to transfer of business due to merger or other reason.

5. Disclosure, correction and deletion

Kaga Sangyo will respond rapidly in the event disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information is requested by the person who provided it. However, in the following cases, Kaga Sangyo may not disclose all or part of the personal information.

  • When there is risk of damage to rights or interests such as to life, personal safety or property of a third party.
  • When there is a risk of causing considerable impediment to the appropriate running of Kaga Sangyo's business activities.
  • When disclosure would be a violation of law.

6. Contact us

The following is the point of contact with regards to personal information and we will respond to requests for disclosure, correction and deletion, in addition to all other inquiries.

[Point of contact for inquiries]
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Tel: +81-52-241-7131 / Fax: +81-52-241-7148.